This is a question I’ve had to answer a million times… the short answer is “Come by for a free group workout and see for yourself!” CrossFit Jeffersonville is located in Jeffersonville Indiana only 3 minutes from downtown Louisville.Learn More
Dan Sands and Kelly Todd are both USAW Club Coaches with years of experience teaching and coaching athletes to train and compete in Olympic Weightlifting. Learn More
Dan Sands is a USAW Club Coach, CrossFit L1, and ACSM Certified Personal Trainer who walks the talk on a daily basis. He offers one on one fitness training at your location or his.Learn More
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At CrossFit Jeffersonville, we are committed to help you succeed in getting healthy and fit. No Fear.

Your success begins with taking that first step. Let us guide you in your resolution to reach that goal of a better you!

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WOD 101114

WOD 5/4/2014

  • Barbell Work

1)Hang Clean Below The Knee+Front Squat+Push Press


2) OHS


  • WOD

12 Min AMRAP

6 TGU’s (3 each […]

Our Clients Love Us

“Thanks Dan for the great workout this morning! All of us ladies are pumped up and feeling so much more energized!”
“Hey Dan! Just wanted to say I really appreciate everything, for giving me the tips for my diet, telling me to keep going, don’t stop when I struggle at first. I wanted to give up but I told myself “NO!”, that it’s going to be worth it in the end. I had a great workout today.”
“Thanks for a great workout. I’m sure my legs will feel like Jello tomorrow…. I know my face turns RED when I work out and it looks like I’m about to fall over, but I’m pretty good at reading my body and won’t do anything I think is too much. Thanks again and I look forward to next time.”
“So excited for this week to start! Feeling changes and huge motivation makes it way more exciting :o)!!”